Friday, June 6, 2008

Not The Best Time.

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Remington said...

I saw you post this on Cracked but I just wanted to let you know here that I think this is awesome.

Nothing quite like waiting till just before the apocalypse to break bad news.

Anonymous said...

Oh man this is an awesome picture, and this is why I chose you to draw my banner. I know I've said this before, but I also really loved that Cloverfield picture you drew with the giant lazer-eyed daisy. You got sort of a unique style in your drawings that I really like, but probably couldn't explain properly.

Disco Stu said...

I also like how you subtly introduce controversial themes into your work, like mixed-race pairings. A Triceratops and an Apatosauraus? You just know that was frowned on, even in the late Cretaceous.

Mr. Gale said...

I had that as my desktop for like two days and my mother was over using my latop, and commented on it, probably due to shock that it wasnt a scantily clad pale girl like all usual desktop choices.

"What is that?"

"Its dinosaurs"

"No, that in the sky, is that a volcano?"

"A volcano in the sky?! Its a comet"

"What comet?"

"The comet that killed the dinosaurs, its a joke, he slept with his wife... they are dinosaurs, what the fuck?"

"I think its a volcano"

So, its a volcano apparently.